About the Artist

Kika Taliadorou Coles (pseudonym, Φοινiκα – Finika)

Kika Taliadorou Coles Finika

Kika Taliadorou Coles Finika

I am a Greek – Cypriot fine artist and educator that lived and worked most of my life in the UK and recently repatriated back to my birth place.

Through my current art collection, I am exploring human emotional/physical constrains and the feelings that result from them; of entrapment, vulnerability, and rigidness versus liberation.

I am looking closer through an anthropological lens, seeking to explore how people interact with and for each other and the way their characters become part of a collective emotional reality.

My intention through my work is to raise awareness that there are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.1_02

I am interested in the technical processes behind the visual effects. The media and processes I use are chosen to portray human inhibitions versus a liberated frame of mind (black and white versus colour, informed versus an instinctive application).

My artist pseudonym, Φοινiκα – Finika derives from the bird Phoenix, a mythological bird that is reborn from it’s ashes. The bird Phoenix was honored in ancient Greece and was associated with the worship of the Sun and Apollo. As the bird is a powerful symbol that assimilates human power to regenerate from his difficulties and become even stronger, as an artist through my art I investigate human constraints that disable regeneration and ones energizing through self liberation.

Through an amorphous, idiosyncratic approach towards the human figure I intend to create and communicate a thought provoking expression of the raw layered and complex emotions deriving from human inhibitions and constraints.