About Kika Coles

Kika Coles (maiden name Taliadorou). I am a Greek - Cypriot fine artist and educator that lived and worked most of my life in the UK and recently repatriated back to my birth place. Through my art I am exploring human emotional / physical constrains and the feelings that result from them, of entrapment, vulnerability, and rigidness versus liberation. I am looking closer through an anthropological lens, seeking to explore how people interact with and for each other and the way their characters become part of a collective emotional reality. My intention through my work is to raise awareness that there are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. I am interested in the technical processes behind the visual effects. The media and processes I use are chosen to portray human inhibitions versus a liberated frame of mind.

Solo Art Exhibition in November 2016 at Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, at Nicosia, Cyprus. More information coming up soon. For updates subscribe to the artist newsletter.
A "Letting go" experience makes humans vulnerable as our own usual inhibitions are not in force and we are closer to who we are truly are and should be. Through my work I want to raise awareness of the importance of liberating oneself.
The purposeful selection of media and application is done to communicate the contrast and/or clash of human inhibition/s and the "letting go" experience, (an informed versus an instictive application, rigidity versus expressiveness, black and white versus colour).

In my body you search the mountain for the sun buried in its forest. In your body I search for the boat adrift in the middle of the night.

Counterparts – By Octavio Paz